Our Car Shipping Process

Our Car Shipping Process explained 

by the Car Pilot Transport Experts. 


Step 1 – Request A Quote

This process is as easy as 1,2.3. Fill out the online form and click send, easy peasy. Your quote will be answered within 24 hours. The quote you receive will have no hidden fees and would be your one-time fee.

*Remember, sometimes your quote may be hiding in the spam folder if you don’t receive it within 24 hours. Still, no quote, give us a call, and we will assist you immediately. Also, just because we give you a quote it doesn’t mean that you are obligated to work with us.

Step 2 – Compare Prices

Because we want the best for you, even if you decide that you don’t want to work with us we still want you to have a great experience with shipping your vehicle. That’s right we still care! Here are a few tips when looking for transport services.Our Car Shipping Process By Car Pilot Transport

Beware of low transport quotes and whatever sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. There are so many desperate companies out here that will do almost anything to get you as a customer. For instance, here’s a red flag, if a company offers a price as low as .20 cent/mile to transport your vehicle that’s pretty much a no brainer, it’s simply a low price. Sometimes you just must ask yourself if this was my company would I transport someone’s vehicle for .20 cents/mile. (A good transport broker doesn’t need to work for low pay).

*Remember the phrase, “You get what you pay for.”

Some companies would be more than happy to take your money upfront. This is a huge red flag. Paying big deposits upfronts is not necessary. A good company would find your carrier first and then charge.  If a carrier tells you a different price other than you and your broker discussed that shouldn’t be a worry for you because a good broker would immediately take care of that situation.  If you find a company that says you can cancel with us, oh, but wait, the deposit you gave us is non-refundable. You do not want a service like this. Make sure you read all contracts thoroughly. The fine print will become very noticeable after you have signed your life away.

If you find a company that makes you promises, run. Promises are made to be broken. Let’s face it, no human beings are perfect we all make mistakes. Anything can happen at any given time. But if you have a good company on your side they will do their best to accommodate your needs if something may happen.

A good company will prepare you for the possible and impossible. For instance, when you go into surgery, the doctor prepares you, and inform you of all risks that may be involved. Although there are risks involved, their team does everything to minimize those possibilities. Which is similar to the way the transportation business works.

Yes, we do everything we can to minimize those risks, but in reality, things happen that can sometimes be out of our control. An honest company wouldn’t hide that from you.  A good company will always keep their customers educated.  A good broker will not act as if everything is ok when indeed something has gone wrong out of their control They will inform you of the issue and then fix it

*Above is just a few things to look out for. I know if I was a customer I would want someone to help me make the process as smooth as possible*

Step 3 – Contact Us

Give us at the minimum a 2-week notice.  After you have compared prices and you feel that L & J Premium Transport Brokers fits your needs, then go ahead and give us a call. We will have an awesome representative waiting to assist you in any way they can.  Let us know what dates would best fit your needs.

Step 4 – Contract Time

Remember we want you to look over the contracts thoroughly and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. We want you to feel comfortable about signing your signature.  You can sign all contracts right through your email. E-signature is extremely convenient. No hassle of fax, scanning, or paper mail.

Step 5 – Now It’s Your Turn

Send over the completed forms.

Step 6 – We take Responsibility

Now you’re in our hands. Immediately we begin our search for a reliable carrier to get your vehicle to you safely and in a timely manner.

Step 7 – Evaluation

Once we have thoroughly evaluated each carrier that meets the criteria to handle our customers, then we will choose the carrier that we feel is the best for you.

Step 8 – We Will Contact You

Now, we have found the best carrier to fit your needs Now we will give you an approximate pick-up date, according to the carrier’s estimate that we receive.

*We don’t make promises that we can’t keep. We can’t give and don’t give specific times or dates. Please gives us at least a 2—3-day window for scheduled pick up*

Step 9 – Pay

Your credit card would be charged the deposit amount discussed. Alright, we will randomly send you updated information on your vehicle during our car shipping process.

Step 10 – Dispatcher/ Driver

Either the dispatcher or driver would call you the day before picking up just for confirmation. We want to know if you’re prepared for pick up.Car Pilot Transport

Step 11 – Pick-Up

Now either you or someone you have authorized need to be available. Double-check to make sure that the driver accurately records the condition of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading.  Take pictures.

*This process may take up to 20 minutes*

Step 12 – The Call

The driver will contact you the day before delivery just to make sure you leave the next day open for the reunion with your vehicle. 

Step 13 – The Big Day

You or an authorized party must be available during the delivery. Go ahead make sure your vehicle is just the way you left it (Inspect it thoroughly). If there are any damages record it on the Bill of Lading. Take pictures if you need to. Now is the time to pay the driver by cash, certified check, or money order only.

*We don’t send vehicles to terminals, there are just too many risks involved. We wouldn’t want any damages to your vehicles once we deliver your vehicle*

Step 14 – The End

Now you can give us your feedback about our car shipping process. That right tells us about your experience working with us (this is optional, but your feedback is very important to us because it will help us serve you even better).