Why hire a car hauling company?

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Why hire a car

hauling company?

First off – Thanks for reading this blog article by CarPilot Transport. We wanted to answer the question “Why hire a car hauling company?” – we hope you enjoy reading this and find the information useful. So let’s jump right into it.

Did you know that people have a vehicle shipped for any number of reasons? It is true. Some people need car hauling services because they are moving or going away to college. While other people need it because they have just bought a car in a different part of the country. Actually this is becoming increasingly common with online car sales.

Either way, they need the car delivered to where they live. Whatever the case, those who do choose to use an auto transport company (also known as a car hauling company) tend to do so because driving it themselves is either not an option for any number of reasons.

Whatever the reason may be, you may not be familiar with all the benefits of hiring a car hauling service like CarPilot Transport. In this blog article, we will go over some of the main reasons that people hire a professional car hauling company.

Why hire a car hauling company?
Why hire a car hauling company?

Safety And Reliability – Why hire a car hauling company?

Most people really do not consider how their safety and well-being can be in jeopardy when hauling a car. Did you know that hauling a car yourself can be a tricky proposition, especially if you’re not well acquainted with the process? It is true – one of the major benefits of using a professional auto transporter is that you’re dealing with professionals that handle these types of jobs on a daily basis.

Car hauling companies like CarPilot Transport are not only are they proficient and experienced at what they do but they likely to be better equipped to handle the job. Most auto shipping businesses use trucks that are specifically designed to transport vehicles and have heavy-duty straps, tie-downs, and other methods to secure the car/motorcycle/pickup truck to make sure it stays in place.

A good car hauling company will do this no matter how short or long the trip is even if it is a trip that takes them all the way across the county. When you hire an auto transporter, you can feel assured that every measure is taken to make sure your car arrives safely and securely. Are you interested in speaking to one of our courteous customer service team members? Shoot us a call now – 386-220-4996.

Less Wear & Tear On The Vehicle – Why hire a car hauling company?

Here are another one of the key benefits of hiring a professional car hauling company to move your car. When you hire a company to handle the car hauling job you don’t incur the risk of putting unnecessary mileage on your personal vehicle plus you will not risk the potential for mechanical issues or damage from potentially pulling a trailer and vehicle it is not capable of towing.

Maybe you are planning on driving that new car investment across the country yourself. It could sound like fun particularly if it needs to be driven several hundred miles or more. But, keep in mind, that the car may need repair work done that may not become noticeable until you are at a certain speed or go for a certain distance. Brakes, transmission, or even the air conditioning could cause your fun trip to become a nightmare.

When you hire an auto transporter-like CarPilot Transport, our team of trained car hauling professionals will load the car onto a transport carrier so that the truck, rather than your car, handles the rigors of a lengthy trip. There’s no need to worry about mechanical problems along the way, rough roads tearing away at the tread of the tires, or the potential of damage from an accident or road hazards. Our professional car hauling team can handle it.

Transport More Than One At A Time – Why hire a car hauling company?

Choosing an auto transport company means that you’ll be able to transport more than one vehicle at a time. Which is great for the avid car collector or dealership owner. Moving multiple vehicles is beneficial if you have purchased multiple cars/trucks/motorcycles from an auction or dealership online, sell cars yourself, or are a collector.

In addition, many people who have families have more than one vehicle. By hiring a company, you’ll be able to have everything transported at one time. In addition, you will also save money on the process, since many transport companies offer discounts on shipping multiple vehicles. It means less stops for them which in turn means more savings for you!

You Can Save Money – Why hire a car hauling company?

As we just mentioned – there are ways to save money by hiring a car hauling business. While it’s not exactly “cheap” to ship a car, it may surprise you to find that it can save you some money. You will not have to worry about any undue stress on your car from driving it for several days to get it.

Beyond that, you’ll also save on gas, time missed from work, hotels, and travel meals, and any number of other costs that may crop up along the endless journey. The last thing you want to deal with is an expensive car repair or other delays when you’re driving a vehicle across the country. In many cases, you may find that the cost of shipping versus driving is either negligible or even cheaper. Especially, if you need to leave the car at a repair center for a week and rent a car to go home and then have to go back once it is fixed.

Auto Insurance Considerations – Why hire a car hauling company?

Yes, insurance coverage comes standard with any car shipping agreement, which means that even in the very rare case that something does happen along the way, you’ll be covered. All professional auto transporters are legally required to carry a cargo insurance policy that protects everyone from anything that happens as a result of the company moving the car.

Okay, it is very rare but let’s think about the other side of the coin. What if you are driving the new car on a rented trailer and you get into a crash. Do you have enough coverage for that? Do you even have the proper coverage for that? What if someone passes away from the accident or has a life-changing injury – can you handle the legal battle which will ensue from the auto wreck for which you could be at fault?

Less Stress – Why hire a car hauling company?

Do you get stressed out easily? Long-distance driving comes with a lot of stress. Hours spent on the road can be exhausting and cause road fatigue, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Hiring a shipper is very much a “set it and forget it” proposition and eliminates many of the stress factors associated with moving or driving long distances. As long as you deal with a professional auto transport agency, you’ll know that your car is being cared for every step of the way.

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