Why use a car hauling company for long-distance car transporting?

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Why use a car hauling company for long-distance car transporting? A Blog Article By CarPilot Transport!

Why use a car hauling company for long-distance car transporting? – First off – thanks for reading this blog article by CarPilot Transport. We hope you gain a lot of useful information for your upcoming car hauling/shipping needs.

Did you know that long-haul car transport refers to shipping cars on a long-haul truck? Well, that is the case and a long-haul truck is a huge truck that extends several feet in length with flatbed rigs onto which cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats can be put on and hauled.

Long haul trucks are considered the best for shipping cars over long distances by land transport. From state to state or even going from one country to another by land travel, an experienced driver can move vehicles with ease by this form of transport.

This is because long hauls have the necessary features specifically tailored to ship heavy and oversized vehicles such as Hummers as an example. Car transport companies such as CarPilot Transport have for many years adopted long-haul car shipping due to its simplicity and versatility. Plus the positive client feedback is always a bonus that many car hauling businesses get to a successful trip that was on time as requested.

Why use a car hauling company for long-distance car transporting? A Blog Article By CarPilot Transport!

Have a skilled transportation driver handle your prized automobile plus have the capacity to accommodate other vehicles too. – CarPilot Transport

The average skilled and experienced driver can easily handle hauling trailers that measure up to 28 to 30 feet in length. This is just the length of the flatbed rigs onto which the most normal vehicles can be easily transported with. Most long-distance car transport trucks can then accommodate several cars, making them ideal for the auto transport industry.

Long-distance auto shipping trucks allow auto transport shipping businesses to save on fuel costs by pooling up shipping orders from a certain location. Which also keeps the overall shipping lower for the clients too.

Normally, the car shipping company can use one long-distance vehicle shipping truck to do one collective trip in shipping several vehicles to several destinations along a common transport route. This is beneficial to an experienced driver with any car shipping company as it boosts the output per day.

The more deliveries that can be done – the happier the driver generally will be because they earn more with multiple loads versus one individual car to be shipped. Plus, as mentioned earlier, the business can get to ship more cars in a day by incurring the least possible costs.

You can hire an experienced transportation driver to haul multiple autos that you own at once. – CarPilot Transport

For clients shipping more than one car to one destination, such as auto dealerships and car collectors. This service is ideal plus it is also very useful when hauling numerous cars to several destinations along a common route.

As the client, you can know that no other people’s cars are being hauled with yours and no stops are happening outside of yours which is great for those working under deadlines. Plus opting for a long-distance car shipping option will prove to be economical as the cost is significantly reduced. This is because you just have to pay for one straight haul for a car shipping truck.

Why use a car hauling company for long-distance car transporting? By CarPilot Transport.

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A Car Hauling Trucks Comes Has The Necessary High Torque.

Many auto haulers have engines with high torque. Why? Because driving a very long distance needs a truck with necessary to make it from point a to point b. The torque is the strength of force an engine has to pull its own and extra weight.

Therefore, long-haul car transport trucks have high torque as the cargo can get as heavy as several thousand tons. Long haul trucks can ship vehicles of all types including normal two or four-door cars, buses, RVs, and even some middle-sized trucks. Depending on the type of vehicle, long-distance car transporting trucks have the muscle to get your prized auto where it needs to be.

Car Hauling Trucks Have Versatility

The industry of car transport is versatile in nature. It gives the client the option of choosing between enclosed shipping and open-air shipping option. The enclosed shipping option entails transporting cars inside an enclosed cargo container placed on the flat rack of the long-haul car trailer.

More than most, enclosed shipping will compel the auto shipping company to arrange the cars in a single line. This is because universally, enclosed cargo containers are not designed to accommodate cars in a double-decked manner; the enclosed cargo containers are not subdivided into lower and upper compartments big enough to accommodate cars.

Then there is an open-air shipping option. This entails transporting cars inside an open car loader laid on the flat rack of the long-haul car shipping truck. An open car loader is a form of “open-air” container onto which vehicles from sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and convertibles are secured on.

Open car loaders can come in two forms: single compartments in which several cars are arranged in a single file and double-decked compartments where several cars can be shipped in a single file. Both will have the lower compartment and the double-decker obviously will have the upper compartment.

Double-decker open car loaders have more versatility because they can accommodate more cars than enclosed cargo containers. Of course, the maximum cargo weight guidelines dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will limit the number of vehicles a long-haul car transporter can carry.

Enclosed cargo containers have the ability to keep your vehicle away from road debris. It may limit both the auto transport company and the client on the number of vehicles that can be moved at a time. But, once again it does provide a lot of extra protection to the vehicles against external elements.

Open-air transport, on the other hand, is cheaper and accommodates more vehicles. Really, it comes to the personal preference of each individual client that will dictate which option they want to go with. But in general, long-distance hauling car transport trucks are a versatile means of car shipping.

Car Hauling Trucks Can Better Handle More Mileage

Long haul car transport trucks are designed for being driven long distances. So when a truck is used for this purpose with an experienced reliable driver behind the wheel – great things can happen. Did you know that long transit projects like coast-to-coast car transportation are best done through long-haul trucks?

It is true, the truck manufacturers have designed a truck with the needs required by the state, local, and federal governments to be road-worthy. Plus, it listened to the hauling industry leaders hear what features mattered most and then manufactured a true industry-grade truck for this job.

Long hauling trucks have either 16 wheels or 18 wheels depending on the design and make. They are specifically tailored to endure long distances while carrying tremendous weight. The wheels are specifically tailored with powerful shock absorbers to protect vehicles in transit over bumpy roads. Long haul car shipping is also preferred as most shipments are done at night when traffic is minimal. A whole night’s drive will see longer mileage cover.

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